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Photos not compliance with the moral ethics of the Models Worldwide Magazine will not be published. You can upload any beautiful photos about your child (but not in swimsuit, underwear and not nude).

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(4) The editors Models Worldwide Magazine reserve the right to perform the following actions:
Crop the photos, create video from the photos,
Indicate or not indicate the name of photographer, in
Indicate name without a surname,
Arrange the photos at the discretion of the magazine’s editors in Print, electronic version,
Creating a magazine cover design, indicating or not indicating the name of the photographer for the print and electronic versions, all this at the request and vision, discretion of the magazine.
Publicly show, publish, process, distribute Images(photos) or any Part of them by any medium in any material form and by any Means, Including on social networks Facebook and Instagram,  Website Models Worldwide Magazine
On the Internet on our pages Models Worldwide Magazine.
By uploading a photos, you have permission of all persons Depicted
In your photos to transfer rights to use their images,
And also consent has been obtained from all copyright holders
And authors of the photos.
Use of your uploaded photos on Facebook and Instagram pages, Website Models Worldwide Magazine
And on a printed version  Models Worldwide Magazine
Does not violate the rights of third parties or applicable laws,
And if any claims  by third parties are addressed to the Company Models Worldwide Magazine,
You agree to settle such claims on your own and at your own Expense Without involving the Company models Worldwide Magazine.
(5) If selected as winning photo for month you will be contacted by official congratulatory letter at the email you have provided here on your entry. Winners are contacted within 48 hrs of photo announcement as Face of the Month. if you do not receive confirmation to your email within 48 hrs from time of photo announcement as winner of Month, contact to confirm and provide verification of your photo selection.
NAME OF PERSON SUBMITTING ENTRY and authorizing permission for publishing of your child's photos. (Must be 18 or older) Required
(Must be 18 or older) Required
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